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Cookies on the Lower Shelf, part 3 (women's study)

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Tuesdays (February 19-April 30), 9:30-11:00 AM

Upcoming Cancellations: April 16


Dive into the New Testament adventure using Matthew and Acts as a roadmap to the rest of the landscape. Tarry in Galilee and Jerusalem with Jesus. Sail the Mediterranean Sea with Paul and his companions. Worship with John on the isle of Patmos. Meet the Son of David prophesied in the Old Testament and finally see Him enthroned over all! This is the third study in a 3-part series.

*This study will teach you how to dig deeper into God’s word by learning how to use key words and context clues to reveal a deeper understanding. This study will challenge you to observe, interpret and apply scripture to your everyday life.

Reminder: The $30 seasonal childcare fee covers August-December OR January-July.

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Cost: Free

Registration Ends: Monday, February 18


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