Ephesians is a book full of wisdom and insights about our identity in Christ, and how we can respond to what Jesus by living our lives in unity with God and with others.  

Starting April 24 and continuing through the end of May, we’ll study chapters 4-6 of this book to discover how believing in Jesus should change our families, our relationships, and our lives.

To supplement what you learn as we study Ephesians together on Sunday mornings, we recommend two ways you can get more out of your experience:

1. Join a small group.
A small group is a group of people who meet during the week to connect, pray, and discuss the sermon together. You can join an existing group that meets in homes, or an on-campus group that meets at our Centerville Campus.

2. Use our daily devotional guide.
We created a companion guide booklet you can use to help you walk through the series on your own on a daily basis. There are questions to reflect on, spaces for journaling, and recommended verses to read.

You can download a PDF of the guide here, or pick up a printed copy at your campus.