The first quarter of 2024 has been full of excitement and growth! As we reflect on the incredible things happening at Fairhaven, we want to share some highlights with you.

  • Child Dedications: Over 20 children have been dedicated to the Lord during our Child Dedication services. This represents a commitment by parents to raise their children to know Jesus as their Savior.

  • Community Events: Our community events, like our Easter Egg Hunts, have had great turnouts, with 400 attendees at Springboro alone. These events help us forge strong relationships in our communities.

  • Student Ministry Milestones: Student Ministries hosted “The Weekend,” one of their biggest events ever, that brought together 186 middle and high school students and 75 leaders. We saw 17 students make commitments or rededications to follow Jesus!

  • Scripture Memorization: More than 500 kids and students have memorized Bible verses, embedding God’s Word in their hearts.

  • Kids & Students Events: “Plus Nights” for students and “Friday Nighters” for kids are breaking attendance records across all campuses, as children and teens gather to have fun and learn about God together.

  • Leadership Development: Nearly 600 leaders convened at our second annual Fairhaven Leader Summit, engaging in enlightening talks and strategic planning for the future.

  • New Covenant Members: We welcomed 100 new covenant members who are deepening their commitment to our church community.

  • Baptisms: 99 people publicly affirmed their faith through baptism, including 53 on Easter weekend alone.

  • Global Impact: Our Global Impact weekend resulted in our church raising $100,000 to support church multiplication efforts in Quito, Ecuador!

Every story, every event, and every baptism is a testament to the incredible ways God is moving in and through our community. We’re so thankful for each of you who contribute, whether through participation, prayer, or financial support.

Thank you for everything you do to help Fairhaven Church thrive. Let’s continue to thank God for these blessings and pray for His guidance as we eagerly anticipate what He has planned for us next.