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Global Impact 2024
We're celebrating 20 years of partnership with our sister churches in Quito, Ecuador! God has done miraculous things over the last two decades, but we know He's not finished. Together, with a dynamic church multiplication strategy, we can tackle the unique ministry challenges in Quito, advancing the gospel and transforming more lives in Latin America.
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March 3, 2024

Church Multiplication in Quito, Ecuador

We’re celebrating 20 years of partnership with our sister churches in Ecuador!

Our guests:
Pastors Javier & Cecelia Silva – Norte Church
Jorge Moyano – Puembo Church
Craig Murray – Executive Director, Church Ministries International (CMI)


Why are capital cities like Quito crucial to spreading the gospel in Latin America?

What are the specific challenges in Quito and in Ecuador that underscore why accelerating the proclamation of the gospel is imperative?

Why is the church multiplication movement essential to meeting those needs and reaching people for Christ?


Global Impact Giving Project 2024:
Church Multiplication in Quito

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How is God using churches in Quito to transform people with the hope of the gospel?

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