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Light in the Darkness
The world is changing fast. The previously unimaginable has become commonplace, and responses to the Church can even seem hostile. It’s unsettling, yet Daniel offers us a model for not only surviving, but actually thriving in the midst of a chaotic world. His hope, humility and wisdom can serve as a blueprint to help us be a light in the darkness.
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April 2, 2023

Wisdom Provides Perspective

Perspective is everything!

Perspective is the power of reframing our lives.

Perspective can come from … (James 3:15-17)
Earthly wisdom
Intellectual wisdom
Demonic wisdom
Godly wisdom

Daniel was marked by three traits that set him apart
Hope – launches courage
Humility – gives credibility
Wisdom – provides perspective

Daniel 6


Godly wisdom

Comes from a relationship with God – Prov. 9:10; Daniel 6:10
Has seven pillars – James 3:15-17; Daniel 6:10, Proverbs 9:1
– Aligns us with God’s will
– Brings peace
– Surprising
– Persuasive
– Helpful
– Godly without partiality
– Clearly the best
Causes us to build our lives on Truth – Matthew 7:24-27
Is given as we ask for it – James 1:5; 1 Kings 3:5, 7, 9-12

Godly wisdom provides perspective giving us the power to reframe our lives.

Daniel’s reframe


Godly perspective …

Knows the difference between what we don’t like and what God forbids – 6:5
Never judges God’s goodness by our present circumstances – 6:10-13
Delivers confidence that truth has nothing to fear – 6:21-22
Understands the biggest issue is knowing Jesus – 6:25

Light in the darkness comes from hope, humility and wisdom!