As we reflected on what God allowed us to do as a church family this year, we realized that we’ve hit a significant milestone. In 2022, we gave away over $1 million! And not only that, but this is the tenth consecutive year we’ve been able to do this!

That means over the last decade, $10 million dollars of what you’ve given to Fairhaven Church has gone to support things beyond our walls, like local outreach, global missions, benevolence, disaster relief and more!

This year’s million dollars includes support for Care Portal, our local partnership that helps fulfill practical needs for local children and families in crisis. In 2022, we were able to support over 160 children! Additionally, we supported over 550 local families facing difficult circumstances with gifts totaling over $150,000.

It also included our support for 72 global staff members serving in 18 different countries, who are building relationships and sharing the gospel in some of the most unreached parts of the world. We also gave $100,000 to our ministry partners in Indonesia, who visited us during Global Impact weekend, to support the needs of students and families connected with the seminary there.

The Bible says it is “more blessed to give than to receive,” and this has certainly been our experience! We are so grateful for the opportunities God has given us to love and serve so many people in so many places in so many ways. And if you’ve given to Fairhaven Church, we hope this joy extends to you.

As an expression of our joy, we wanted to celebrate this milestone in a big way. And what better way to celebrate generosity than with generosity? This December, we’re giving some special financial gifts to our ministry partners:

1. We are making additional financial gifts totaling $60,000 to some of our local partner organizations, including Isaiah 117, Northmont Friends in Service for Humanity, Sleep in Heavenly Peace and Feed the Creek, to support the important work they do in our communities.

2. We are sending all of our global staff an extra month’s worth of financial support.

3. We are giving an extra $100,000 to the Global Commission Fund, which supports all of the global workers and ministries of the network of churches we belong to, the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

As amazing as this is, we couldn’t be generous without YOU being generous. It’s your generosity toward Fairhaven that allows us to powerfully share God’s love and help people find hope in Jesus.

As we conclude 2022, would you consider making a generous year-end contribution to Fairhaven Church? You can help us finish this year strong, so we can enter into 2023 ready for another year of generosity.