This year, we’re partnering with a group of other local churches and organizations called “Hope 4 Centerville” and “Hope 4 Kettering” to create a Christmas store that’s better than ever! Through these partnerships, we’ll be able to keep the store open longer, have more items in stock, and support more local families.

Each participating organization is making a different contribution, and Fairhaven’s commitment is to provide toys and gifts.

There are two ways you can participate: purchasing gifts and serving at the store.

Purchasing Gifts

Please purchase gifts according to the instructions below, and bring them to the Centerville Campus no later than Sunday, November 26.

Purchase three new $25 gifts/toys. No used items, please.

If you picked up a card at our campus with a specified age and gender, please buy gifts appropriate for that child. Otherwise, please purchase the following:

  1. One toy for an infant, toddler, or preschooler (ages 0-4)
  2. One toy for a school-aged child (ages 5-12)
  3. One toy/gift for an adolescent or teenager (ages 13-18)

Please no clothing or Bibles, as our partners are providing these. Toys and gifts are encouraged, but you can substitute a $25 gift card to Walmart or Amazon.

To make this experience more meaningful, we suggest visiting a local store and purchasing your gifts together with family and friends. You can also order toys online and ship them to our campus, but please mark them for “Christmas Gift.” Christmas Gift, 637 E. Whipp Road, Centerville, OH 45459

Need ideas? Check out our Amazon list!

Serving Opportunities

Another great way to get involved is by helping out with the Christmas Store. You can help with organization and setup or with store operations during open hours.


Need assistance with gifts this holiday season? Complete an application to see if you’re eligible to shop at the Hope 4 Christmas Store.