Terry and Marian embarked on their Fairhaven journey, exploring the many next steps available to them. They started with our First Step class and progressed to taking their next right step to become covenant members. And during the process, God led them to take another significant next step: marriage! Now, as a married couple, they’ve set their sights on yet another next step — getting baptized next year.

“I have more structure and fellowship with like-minded people,” said Terry. “Taking our next right step meant getting married after a three-year engagement. I felt that God blessed our union, which changed my perspective on everything.”

Marian agrees, and added, “For the first time since childhood, took the steps to join a church. Fairhaven guided me every step of the way! I feel a stronger foundation under me being involved with the church and being married to my best friend.”

We’re thrilled for Terry and Marian and the journey God has set them on. And their inspiring story is just one among many this year! People are taking next steps at Fairhaven year-round. During 2023 …

  • 900 first-time guests connected with us
  • 500 people made decisions for Jesus
  • 150 individuals took the step of baptism

What ties all these stories together? Your generosity. Through your giving, we support everyone taking these incredible steps of faith.

As we enter the season of giving, consider making a kingdom impact by helping more people take their next right steps and write new chapters in their faith stories.

End your year with a generous gift to Fairhaven. Let’s continue help more and more next steps as we find hope in Jesus together.