The Weekend was a church-wide weekend event for middle school and high school students on March 3-4. We hosted 170 students from three of our campuses, as well as 50 student ministry leaders, for an amazing two days of worship, teaching, small group time, fun activities, and serving at Matthew 25 Ministries in Cincinnati.

This year’s theme was “We are Light.” Students learned about when the Light went out (Genesis 3) and that without light, we are in darkness. Then, we discussed how God gave us Light again through Jesus’ death and resurrection. And because Jesus gives us hope and light in a world filled with darkness, we are meant to take that hope and light to everyone around us!

Five students made first-time decisions for Jesus, and many others had other signifiant spiritual experiences. We’re so excited to see how this event impacts all our students as they take their next steps with God in the days, months and years to come.