Posted: November 8, 2018

In every community there are children and families who need help. Fairhaven is partnering with other local churches and CarePortal to meet the many needs of these vulnerable families. By signing up to join our CarePortal team, you will receive email notifications of a family’s practical needs (beds, food, diapers, assist with a utility bill, etc.) that you may be able to meet.

How it works:

• Child Services identifies a need of a local child/family and submits the need through CarePortal.

• CarePortal forwards that need to Fairhaven.

• Fairhaven sends you an email describing the need and you assess whether it is something you are able to participate in.

• Our CarePortal Connection Team meets with the family to deliver the items and pray with them.

Every request presents an opportunity for us to show families in crisis the love of Jesus by taking the time to listen to them, talk with them, and pray with or for them. Some connections last only a few minutes and others turn into lasting relationships. All of them make a difference and are an opportunity for us to help people find hope.

*In addition to helping families in crisis, CarePortal allows us to meet needs of families within our congregation during illness, surgery and post-hospitalization. such as meals or help with household chores after surgery.

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