Thanks for purchasing an Advent devotional kit! Advent wreaths and candles have historically been used in churches, but many Christians have also adopted this tradition as a way of commemorating Advent in their homes.

We’re excited to walk through this devotional together as a church family, and we pray it strengthens your connection with God and helps you create some meaningful moments with friends and family.

Here is a guide for using the Advent devotional kit in your home.

Devotional cards

Together, these cards are a devotional for the entire season of Advent, which starts four Sundays before Christmas. In 2023, Advent begins on Sunday, December 3, which means the fourth week is actually only two days: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

There is one card for each day from December 3 through December 25. We encourage you to display the cards in their stand in a prominent place in your home, both as an addition to your decor and as a reminder to walk through the devotional each day.

We suggest setting a time to sit down and reflect on the devotional and making this part of your daily routine. We encourage doing this together with friends or family! Read the Scripture, reflect on the devotional, and pray with one another.

Each day, move the front card to the back of the stack to reveal the next day’s card with a new theme and illustration. Repeat this each day until Christmas.

VIDEO: How to get started using your Advent devotional kit


If you purchased candles with your kit, you can add to your experience by lighting the candles while you do the devotion, while you eat a meal, or at another time of your choosing.

  • During week one (days 1-7), light only the first candle (farthest left).
  • During week two (days 8-14), light the first and second candles (farthest left and farthest right).
  • During week three, light the first, second, and third candles (see graphic below).
  • During week four, light the first, second, third, and fourth candles (see graphic below).
  • On Christmas Day, light all five candles!


On weekdays (Monday-Friday) during Advent, our campus pastors will share a daily video reflection in the Fairhaven app that’s based on that day’s devotional. Here’s how to find them:

  1. Open the Fairhaven App
  2. Tap Daily
  3. Walk through the prompts
  4. The video will be in the third section: Reflect on God’s Word

Text reminders

You can receive daily text messages to remind you to complete each day’s Advent devotional, as well as provide you a quick link to the Daily tab in our app (see above). To sign up, text the word ADVENT to the number 32000. 

We hope you have a blessed and meaningful Advent season!