We’re committed to making a positive impact on our community, and specifically in lives of children. Last year, we began a partnership with Isaiah 117, an organization that sets up homes for children awaiting foster placements, providing them with essential items and warm smiles during a difficult time.

As Isaiah 117 prepares to launch a house in Montgomery County, we want to come alongside them and support their mission of giving hope to children in transition.

Centerville Campus

Throughout August, our Centerville Campus is hosting a special “lemonade stand” in our Common Ground café. When you purchase a lemonade, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Isaiah 117. Your contribution will help provide clean clothes, blankets, toys, and much-needed comfort to children in the foster care system.

Let’s come together as a community, enjoy a refreshing lemonade, and make a difference in the lives of local children.

Beavercreek, Northmont + Springboro Campuses

Elsewhere, we’re supporting Isaiah 117 with a different approach. While coffee remains free, we invite you to make a voluntary donation when you get your cup of joe. Your generous contributions will go towards supporting Isaiah 117’s mission and expanding their reach in providing loving homes for kids in transition.

We believe that every act of kindness, big or small, can have a profound impact. No matter how you participate, doing so can make a difference in the lives of children facing challenging circumstances. Let’s support Isaiah 117 and help children in our communities find hope.

For more information about Isaiah 117 and their work, visit their website at isaiah117house.com.