In My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers says, “Prayer does not equip us for greater works— prayer is the greater work.” 

At Fairhaven, we say, “Prayer is our best work.” And while we would most likely agree with the importance of prayer, our actions don’t always align. Many times, we struggle to pray consistently. Prayer often becomes a quick pre-meal blessing, or something we only seriously focus on we have an urgent request that needs His immediate attention.

But if prayer truly is our best work, then it’s time to make a change! So, let’s spend a month prioritizing prayer in our lives and allowing God to be God.  

On September 4, we will start a sermon series devoted to strengthening our understanding and practice of prayer. In addition to the series, we are launching a 28-Day Prayer Challenge. The challenge will help guide you through a simple daily prayer devotion and encourage you to pray boldly and consistently for 28 days. 

Take the challenge and see how God will work in you to experience a stronger connection with Him, more peace, greater awareness of His presence, and more answered prayer. 

To join us, text the word ‘CHALLENGE’ to 32000 or register online.

When you sign up, you will receive daily devotion prompts, guided prayers, and helpful prayer resources to assist you in leveling up your prayer experience. You will also have a chance to submit prayer requests and pray for requests submitted by others in our church family.