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Tackling our problems with God

Posted: March 29, 2018

“All the problems of heaven and earth, though they were to confront us together and at once, would be nothing compared with the overwhelming problem of God.”  —A.W. Tozer

Everyone has questions about God. And they can be difficult, heavy and overwhelming. Some even make us feel uneasy and can stir up serious doubts about God and faith.

Starting April 8 and continuing through June 3, our lead pastor David Smith will tackle those biggest problems, doubts and questions we have about God. We'll look for answers to questions like:

How can I know God exists?
Is the Bible true?
How could a good God allow evil and suffering?
Why does the Church seem exclusive?
Isn't the Church just a bunch of hypocrites?

If you've ever asked any of those questions, or had any doubts about God, faith or the Bible, this series is for you. Let's find some answers as we investigate The Problem of God.

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