Congratulations on your baptism! Your decision to publicly declare your faith in Jesus brings joy to our entire church family, and we hope you feel that joy overflowing within you, as well.

Baptism is just the beginning of an incredible lifelong journey with Jesus. And as lead pastor David Smith explains in this video, we want to challenge you to begin considering what comes next.

First Step

If you haven’t already gone through the experience of First Step experience, this is a great place to start. First Step is an experience where you’ll learn more about who Fairhaven is and what we believe, meet some of our leaders and staff, and ask us any questions you may have.

Small Groups

Small groups meet in homes during the week, and provide a safe space to share, pray, and support one another. They’re a great way to connect with others, grow in your faith, and discuss questions about God. You can join an existing group, or even start one of your own. Either way, you’ll experience the power of community and build deep, meaningful relationships with other people in our church family.

Reaching Two

Another next step is something we call “Reaching Two.” God wants to use all of His followers to lead more people into relationship with Him, and there are likely at least two people in your life who you could reach – people you’re already connected with, who you could help introduce to the hope of Jesus.

Who would your two people be? What would it be like if you intentionally prayed for them and supported them in a way that showed them God’s love? What if you shared how you have personally experienced God in your life and why you chose to be baptized? Take a moment to consider what “Reaching Two” might look like for you, and how God could use you to help others find hope.