This year, the Centerville Campus is once again participating in the Back to School Bash. As part of Hope 4 Centerville, we are partnering with local churches and organizations to help under-resourced families prepare for the upcoming school year. Fairhaven will be providing new clothing for 250 students. 

You can participate in two ways: purchasing clothing and serving at the Back to School Bash on July 29.

Purchasing Clothing

Like the Christmas Store, we want to allow parents to choose outfits for their children, so we’re doing things differently this year.

Please purchase two NEW outfits for a child in grades K-12 (ages 5-18) and return them to the Centerville Campus by Sunday, July 16. An outfit consists of one top and one bottom or a dress.

You can also order clothing online and ship it to our campus, but please mark them for the “Back to School Bash.”

Back to School Bash
637 E. Whipp Road
Centerville, OH 45459

Need ideas? Check out our Amazon list!

Serving Opportunities

Another great way to get involved is by helping with the Back to School Bash. You can help with organization and setup, personal shopping, or other activities at the event.

Need Assistance?

If your family needs help preparing for the school year, follow the link below to register. Please note that space is limited. Pre-registration and attendance at the Back to School Bash are required to participate.