At Fairhaven, we often say, “Prayer is our best work.” And while we would most likely agree with the importance of prayer, our actions don’t always align. We may struggle to know how to pray, what to pray about, or how to do it consistently.

The 28-Day Prayer Challenge is a great way to begin prioritizing prayer in your life. The challenge will guide you through a simple daily prayer devotion and encourage you to pray boldly and consistently for 28 days.   

When you sign up, you’ll receive daily devotion prompts, guided prayers, and helpful prayer resources to help you grow in your prayer life and deepen your relationship with God.

To start the 28-Day Prayer Challenge, text the word “challenge” to the number 32000 or sign up online.

To learn more about prayer, check out our Prayer sermon series. In this 4-part series, Lead Pastor David Smith shares how we can see prayer as a delight, not simply a duty, and how prayer is both a conversation and an encounter with God.

Week 1: Know Him Better
Prayer is the key to everything we need to be and do with God and it helps us to know Him better.

Week 2: The Source of Our Needs
Allowing God to be God in our lives helps us to trust Him and reminds us that He is our source, not just a resource.

Week 3: Forgiveness for Everyone
Confession and repentance is an important part of our prayer life because forgiveness is key to our relationship with God and with others.

Week 4: Been There, Done That
No one is beyond temptation! Overcoming temptation happens when you learn how to “pre-decide.”

You can pray with a member of our prayer team after each worship services on all of our campuses and online. If you have questions or desire an extended, more private time of prayer, an appointment can be made with a member of our prayer team. Please email for information.