As we enter the season of Lent, a 40-day journey of reflection and preparation for Easter, we embrace this time to grow closer to God and deepen our understanding of His love and sacrifice. Traditionally, it’s observed by doing something different in your life to bring greater focus on God; it’s an invitation to explore practices that can help us draw closer to God in meaningful ways. From fasting and prayer to acts of service and reflection, there are plenty of ways you can pursue God intentionally.

The Fairhaven App

The “Daily” section of our app is an easy-to-use resource for integrating time with God into your daily routine. Here, you’ll discover reflection questions, prayer requests, devotional videos and more, which are updated daily. This feature is designed to support you in seeking God daily, providing a simple way for you to connect with God during Lent and beyond.

Below, you’ll find a list of other suggestions and ideas designed to inspire your Lenten observance, whether you’re looking for a traditional practice or a new way to engage with your faith.

Reduce or fast from …

  • Technology/device use
  • Meals or snacks
  • TV
  • Internet surfing
  • Online shopping/mall shopping
  • Video games
  • Facebook

Abstain from or give up …

  • Meat
  • Coffee or soft drinks
  • Chocolate or desserts
  • Snack foods
  • Hitting the snooze alarm
  • Certain TV shows or websites
  • Criticism
  • Parking spots closest to the door

Replace …

  • Coffee with tea
  • Pop with water
  • Car radio with silence/prayer
  • Chips with oyster crackers
  • Fast food lunch with brown bag lunch
  • Fiction with autobiographies
  • A meal with prayer
  • Elevator with stairs

Direct your focus with …

  • Table centerpiece
  • Pocket reminders: nail, stone, cross
  • Make a cross from sticks and display it
  • Lenten devotional
  • A piece of purple cloth


  • Say the Lord’s Prayer or Psalm 23 every morning
  • Change posture of prayer each day (stand, kneel, prostrate, uplifted eyes, open hands)
  • Take a prayer walk through every room of your house
  • Pray with a partner

Study or memorize Scripture

  • Lenten devotional
  • Seven penitential psalms: read one each day of the week (Psalms 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, 143)
  • Read Isaiah 53 every day
  • Recite the Apostles’ Creed every night before bed

Simplify your life

  • Eat beans and rice once a week
  • Limit yourself to certain clothes or shoes
  • Eat the same thing for lunch every day
  • Limit your schedule and activities to create greater margin for reflection and prayer

Solitary reflection

  • Practice slowing: walking slow, eating slow, driving slow
  • Plan a retreat to get away for a block of hours to pray and listen to God
  • Keep a gratitude journal of one thing you are thankful for each day in your quiet time


  • Choose one favorite hymn to sing each day
  • Attend Maundy Thursday services at Fairhaven

Serve others

  • Serve at one of Fairhaven’s Easter services
  • Take one bag of clothes/items to Goodwill
  • Make a special donation to Dayton Food Bank
  • Care for someone in need


  • Journal every day as a written record of God’s activity in your life
  • Practice breath prayer when ever you’re conscious of sin: exhale confession- inhale forgiveness

Demonstrate hospitality

  • Invite someone each week to share a simple supper of soup and bread
  • Write one note of encouragement each day or week
  • Invite someone out to lunch after Palm Sunday service
  • Invite someone to attend with you on Easter services