Boxes Of Hope Marcs.

Posted: May 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly presented us with many challenges, but it has also provided opportunities to help people in our community find hope. One of those opportunities was Boxes of Hope. Fairhaven Church, along with Fearless Church, Emmanuel Lutheran, Lifepointe Church and St. Francis Assisi, partnered with Shoes for the Shoeless to provide meals for people who are unable to shop for themselves during the pandemic.

“People were very grateful and many were moved that people they didn’t know were so willing to help,” said Zach Noyes, Director of Campus Operations at Fairhaven’s Centerville Campus. “And it was a great opportunity for churches in our community to come together and meet the needs of our neighbors.”

Together, we helped fill 400 boxes and 1200 bags of food, which provided almost 10,000 meals for 850 people. In addition to the donations, we had 130 volunteer drivers who delivered food to people’s homes.

Fairhaven also had a team who made follow-up phone calls. “Many of the recipients were older adults,” shared Jane Piatt, Fairhaven’s Community Engagement Specialist. “We felt it was just as important to check in on them and make sure they knew someone was thinking about them and praying for them. Having a personal connection is so important for everyone right now.”

As local foodbanks had to temporarily close and people weren’t able to get out, Fairhaven felt it was important to assist with this emergency phase of helping people get food. “As foodbanks are able to reopen and safely staff, we feel it’s important that we return our focus to the relational assistance programs we are already involved with,” said Piatt. These include the Feeding Friends Pantry, Thrive Together and Care Portal.

While Fairhaven will no longer be a collection point for Boxes of Hope, we encourage those who are interested to continue participating. The next food collection will take place on Monday, May 18 from 9:00 AM-7:00 PM at First Baptist Church of Kettering, 3939 Swigart Rd., 45440. Click here for more information.