You can help accelerate church growth in Quito, Ecuador! Participate in this transformative initiative born out of our 20-year partnership with our sister churches in Quito.

“The Seed Fund” is a visionary project designed to empower the local church in Quito, Ecuador, to establish and develop more gospel-centered urban churches. This fund is not just assistance; it’s an investment in sustainable church growth, ensuring resources are available to purchase property and/or complete construction in densely populated urban settings where space is at a premium.

WATCH VIDEO: Learn more about the fund’s potential impact

Why is your contribution important? Urban centers like Quito face significant financial barriers in expanding church infrastructure. By contributing to our giving project, you’re helping overcome these obstacles, enabling churches to reach out and touch lives with the message of Jesus Christ much more effectively and rapidly.

Your gift to The Seed Fund is an investment in a ripple effect of faith, hope, and transformation, reaching people and communities previously unreached by the Gospel. You’re not just funding a church; you’re fueling a movement.

Take part in this vital mission, and be a witness to the growth of God’s Kingdom in Quito and beyond!

There are three easy ways you can give:

  1. Send a text message to the number 32000 with the message, “Global” followed by the amount you want to give.
  2. Give online and select “2024 Project – Ecuador”
  3. Write a check to Fairhaven Church with “Global Impact” in the memo