Your ongoing generosity continues to help people find hope! Here are some of the amazing ways we saw God at work at Fairhaven over the last few months.

On Easter Sunday, 56 people publicly identified with Christ through baptism.

A donation of $2,000 was made to Good Shepherd Ministries in honor of Father’s Day.

A $3,600 donation was made to Hope Rising for Mother’s Day.

More than 250 people signed up to pray for kids and students at camp this summer.

153 kids and students made a decision for Christ at camp this summer.

Across our campuses, 250 kids attended Kids Camps.

Over 100 middle and high school students attended camps this summer.

In June, 52 Home Edition groups studied the book of Malachi.

More than 100 people learned about welcoming families to our community at our refugee workshop.

April’s Friday Night Marriage Event was attended by more than 65 couples.

Year-to-date giving through June 30, 2023

Budget: $3,986,375
Contributions: $4,348,960

You gave. You served. Lives were changed. Thank you for your generosity!