Several years ago, we had a number of teams who went to local care facilities to visit with the residents and conduct worship services for them. We had to stop these visits during the pandemic, as did other organizations who were doing this.

Now, care facilities are once again welcoming visits, but not all of the organizations who were doing this before have returned, and we want to help fill that gap. Patients in care facilities desperately need connections and to feel cared for, and we want to share the love and hope of Jesus with them!

If you’d like to help brighten the day of care facility residents with us, we would love to have you. There are lots of ways you can help, from just visiting and talking, to helping coordinate worship services, to sharing a hobby or an interest you have.

No matter how you can help, please complete the form linked below to let us know you’re interested. Then, when we get your information, we’ll connect with you and find the best way for you to get involved with our Eldercare ministries.